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My husband and I purchased our first home together with Fabiola's help. We were both seasoned homeowners, but there's always a lot of questions and surprises. We had settled on a property prior to contacting Fabiola, but she took care of absolutely everything from there, including countless demands from the sellers and off-hours contract signing. When we went to closing and the sellers didn't hold up their end of an agreement, she fought like a bulldog for our interests. Needless to say, Fab's expertise in coordinating the purchase, inspections, and post-purchase follow up netted us our perfect home in our desired neighborhood. I wouldn't use any other realtor in the area. We certainly lucked out!

- Erin Kesler

"I was extremely satisfied with Fab's work. Helped find homes in a difficult mark and always worked with us to make things easier. Highly recommended."
11/13/2017 - Benjamin Adler

- Benjamin Adler

We just bought a house and the assistance from Fabiola in all aspects has been fantastic. I would clearly recommend to work with her in connection with remodels as she provides good ideas, are able to bring good contractors in and close the contracts with the vendors. She is very responsive through out the project and very swift on replies. A happy new house owner! - Testimonial for Fabiola Adler at Allen Tate Realtors By Soren Jelert

- Soren Jelert

Recently purchased a home and wanted someone who had my best interest at heart. You're in good hands With Fabiola. She did an outstanding job . Not only is she is incredibly helpful and thorough but will walk you through the closing process. It couldn't have been a more pleasant experience. I would give her five stars and definitely would recommend her to anyone interested in buying or selling their home

- Gloria Pepin

My home hunt was actually pretty short. We stayed in touch with Fabiola for the past 2 years before we moved to NC. She always took the time to answer all questions - and she knows I had a lot of them :) We always felt we had the right information at hands before we moved to NC, after we moved, when we started looking for houses and even now after we moved in. Fabiola is not just looking to sell a house. She truly wants to build a relationship with her clients and guide them all the way including the post-purchase phase. She is just terrific. I could not ask for a better person to guide us. You want someone like her to tell you what is good quality and what is not while buying a house. Just ask her - she will help you. I am still in touch with her anytime I have questions or I need guidance on anything related to my new home. Thanks Fabiola for all your time, all your help and all your passion into this business.

- Marcelo Deodato

5 stars plus Fab puts her entire self into the selling and buying experience. She never misses a beat, she takes the stress out of the buying and selling process. Her guidance and intuitions are nearly flawless. Not lonly does she provide the real estate side of her profession, but also gives attention to the details that turn a house into your home. We would recommend her with enthusiasm.

- Carmine DiBattista

Working with Fabiola to sell our home was a great experience and I would definitely recommend her to anyone in the market for buying or selling a home. I spoke with other realtors prior to first meeting Fabiola and they all told me to list my home for lower than I had anticipated based on nearby sales. Fabiola however conducted thorough research and ensured me I had a great chance to sell for much more than I was being told. I gave it a shot and our home was only on the market for roughly a month before it sold for a great price. She worked very hard to get people interested in our home and put on multiple open house events to attract buyers. In addition to bringing attention to our home she also helped us to stage the house perfectly for showings. She had a great design background for what buyers want to see and it really paid off. Several potential buyers commented on how great the house was staged for showing. Anyone in the Triangle area that is looking to sell a house would be crazy not to give her a shot. Trust me, it will pay off.

- Richard Allsbrook

My experience with Fab was really outstanding!! She was very helpful through the whole process of looking for a new home for my family and I . Being a new resident to North Carolina she took the time to explain everything to me and show me houses. I ended up buying a brand new house and she was extremely helpful it made the whole experience very pleasant. I would very highly recommend Fab. Thank you so much?

- Maria Samargya

Fabiola was a fabulous person to work with when we built our new home in Clayton. She is smart, professional and always returned our phone calls promptly. Fabiola is a compassionate woman who understood we were going through some difficult days with a seriously ill son. We felt Fabiola was not only the best realtor we've ever had but a friend as well. 

- Jim DeAlto

Fabiola is an outstanding professional. She’s very dedicated to her clients, going above and beyond what you would expect from a real estate agent. She was always very patient, guiding us page by page of the sale paper work of our house. She helped get my house ready for the market, and later took pictures of my house. We sold in 1 day!

- Adriana Atalla

Fabiola McGuire made the process of buying a home enjoyable. Her market knowledge and her strong interpersonal skills helped us find a beautiful home that exceeded our needs and wish list. We are very fortunate to have worked with Fab.

- Christine Cranford

Fabiola was a great realtor to work with, specially while being out of the country I was able to sell my house from the distance. From setting up a competitive price strategy and neighborhood analysis to organizing the clean up, the pictures, the repairs, etc she coordinated everything in a timely and economical fashion. Fabiola listened to my needs and I'm happy to have picked her as my realtor. Thanks for everything Fab!

- Andres Labadie

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